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12-08-2011, 04:08 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
The Excelsior always had 9 console slots (the current tier 5 maximum) and it's special ability for free. I suppose it didn't really matter because the special ability had no combat implications. Adding that minor power level boost sounds like just a gimmick to let them consolize the special ability (by giving it some combat flair). However, when they made it a console on Tribble they did NOT give a 10th console slot with it. They should NOT have anyway to keep it balanced with the rest of the tier 5 ships. Still, people thought that making the power a console without giving a slot (even though it already had all of it's console slots) was a nerf and it looks like Cryptic changed their mind, leaving the ability innate at no cost.

In the release notes, it wouldn't be the first time they botched a copy and paste job nor would it be the first time that they typoed "now" for "not".

Whatever the case, I'm indifferent on the issue of whether or not this ships has it's special ability turned into a console as long as they don't add another slot. Nine is the maximum for balance and in my opinion they were doing it right originally, before people thought it was a nerf of some sort.
Yes some of us are still scratching our heads at whoever complained about the T5 Excel with console. Because of its +1 turn rate (an intrinsic combat ability if you actually think about it) it should have a console taken up by the TW console or lose the TW abilities to add another engineering console. Along with the ltcdr tac slot, at this point it is the most OP fed cruiser.