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12-08-2011, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Aisling
Just be happy they dont do Blizzard-style maintenance right in the middle of the day, and then have "unexpected" extensions that last all day... Or CCP with their 24 hour downtimes.
Actually I'd prefer that they extend a single service round, or even spend a full 24 hours getting things to work...

I mean... I have no problem with patch day once a week, but this is just wayyyyy too often, and kinda indicates bad soft- and hardware management on cryptics part, since they appearenlty cant handle getting it right (enough) on one day.

I know customers don't mean much to Cryptic, and that this is the forced F2P beta and all, but please... stick to one day, and perhaps a emergency round if REALLY nessacary.