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12-08-2011, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
Yes, if you want to be blacklisted. In a PUG if you really see something that you need and are going to immediately equip on your character - click Need. If it's something you're just going to vendor for EC, clieck Greed. Generally in a PUG it's bad form to 'Need' everything; and Fleets do pass around lists of players to avoid who are seen to do it a lot.)
Blacklisted... as in people won't PUG with me anymore?

That's the beauty of the new system, it's a PUG, you could be put into the mission with anyone and you don't know who you are teamed with until the mission starts. If you leave you incur the one hour penalty. So "blacklisting" a person does squat.

The game isn't set up to encourage fairness... it's set up as a gimme system. To be fair need/greed/pass would be transformed into yes/no. You either want it or you don't... none of this maybe BS.