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12-08-2011, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Tarss
Lets not beat around the bush. The "read a book suggestion was trolling". These are the kind of responses from people whose only game time this week wasn't affected.

Todays outage is likely to put the seasonal Q stuff in which makes sense. If thats the case though why was there an outage yesterday? something so urgent it couldnt have waited 24 hours?
Lot worst when the game was releasead if I remember right. Sure there was times when it was down for maintenance then back up and down again because of problems.

How come the times changed? My timezone the first two was 3pm to 5pm now it is to 6pm. Did Cryptic move out of DST? World timezones argh. Can't we just work off an in-game one which shows on the website?