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12-08-2011, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by kalic89
so hang on there are people out there who dont want them to update the game??
right..... okay.....
No. There are people out there who want them to update the game using some common sense and communication skills. Shutting down and restarting everything safely must factor into each outage. Thus it makes more sense for 1 slightly longer outage instead of 2 on consecutive days. Why couldnt yesterdays outage have been combined with todays? If it couldnt have been combined then communicate with the customers and most will understand. If yesterdays outage couldnt wait then a quick "Hey theres a problem that can't wait until tommorow. Sorry" wouldnt hurt.

Gamers are often obsessive types. Tell them the outage is 3 hours and after 2 hours 55 minutes there will be lots of them mashing the connect button. I'm still waiting for the MMO team thats smart enough to post something 20 minutes before the outage should finish that says either "Yep its all gone well and we will be up on time" or "Hey guys. Its a little behind. Should be up 20 minutes after we planned". In fairness Cryptic has been pretty good about outage durations imo. Could always do better though

Originally Posted by kalic89
right..... okay..... ermmmmmmm plan your game time around it, i did, i started playing anouther game
So some of us have things like jobs and responsibilities where gaming time can't come first. This weeks outages have robbed my partner in crime of 80%+ of his STO gaming time. With another big MMO a week away from launch what do you think he's going to do when he has to pick which game to play with his limited time?

Edit: and up ahead of schedule by the looks of things. Bonus points for that