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12-08-2011, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
U-slots where taken from us a while ago and I expect to see more of them put on newer ships in the future.

My question is, as U-slots become more prevalent ingame will the Birds of Prey see a easing of the handicap they have becuase of them?

If the BoP has a lower hull (24000) and shield (3980) of any ship ingame because of 4 U-slots and a BC for a total of 5 semi- unique characteristics does that equate out to 4800hull and 796shield per characteristic?
Divide by 2 for the OP stigmata this squishy vessel has thats 2400hull and 398shields

Can we have those two ship stats increased on the Hegh'ta or at least the T5 BoP variant for the loss the uniqueness when said U-slots are given away?
Say +4800 hull and +796 shields so the Hegh'ta or T5 variant has 28800 hull and 4776 shields?

I have no doubts that more vessels will arrive ingame with the occassional U-slots and we will even see the battle cloaks uniqueness go away when the Romulans arrive, so how long must the BoPs suffer a handicap for traits that are rapidly disapeering?
T5 BoPs are also short 1 rear weapon slot.