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So Cruisers and Science ships have gotten several unique and cannon options both at T3 and T5. Escorts have only gotten versions of ships that were already in game. The Nebula, D'Kyr, Excelsior, and the Galaxy-X all present substantially different options for Cruisers and Science vessels. Escorts have been missing matching ships.

I have been waiting anxiously for any interesting new Escort ship. I think that the class has lots of potential, but is sorely under explored. The Jem'Hadar ship looked like a very interesting take on what an Escort could be. It may be a bit over powered, but there has to be a reason for you to spend your C-Points.

It is very disappointing to see the first honestly new Escort in the game added as an ultra rare result of gambling C-Points rather than a viable option to us Escort captains who have been waiting patiently (as if we were Klingons).