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12-08-2011, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by fourbearsstanding View Post
Holiday pack is just nother money garb from cryptic why not it is chirstmas ,you can trade the junk for other useless junk, Who every come with this idea was PWE Fire thier ***, basically i feel i am defrauded out my money buy cryptic
But, it's up to you to take personal responsibilty for your actions. They've stated what the i'Gift' has a chance of containing up front and that the jem Hadar ship will be VERY rare. No one forced you to buy anything. They stated the terms and possible rewards, and you made the decision on how many you were going to buy.

That's not fraud. You made the choice to purchase what you did. (Ansd unfortiunately that's what any retailer counts on; but in the end, the final coice was yours to make.)