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12-08-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by barry110 View Post
You don't have to gamble your C-points in a major way - I bought 5 Winter packs, some with the C-Points I had left and a couple with converted Dilithium.

I was very lucky in that I got the Ship as well as the Holo Boff and a few other bits of Rare Mark XI gear.

You also get a Winterbox at the end of running the race if you win where you also get special rewards and I think the ship is also in those.

I see how some people are upset, but on the other hand you are can get the ship for nothing and not spend any real money if you convert your Dilithium.

Just my thoughts.
If it's all but guaranteed that you will get one after running a few races, that's not too big of an issue. I could consider it like a limited FE series reward. It would still stink that our first new Escort is so rare, but it would not be rage inducing.

My reading of the Dev Blog and FAQ suggest that these are intended to be ultra rare. In the Blog, JHenig states that only a few will be found and this is the only way to acquire them. We will not be seeing many of them fly around the galaxy.

Kudos to you for getting one, but I fear the rest of us may not be so fortunate.