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12-08-2011, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Tricksterbro View Post
I don't really care about the stipend, I'm only passing along what I think I heard somewhere
Oh, I know. Sorry, I wasn't clear; I wasn't responding to your post directly, but rather citing it and elaborating my previous post. My bad.

Originally Posted by Stagger.Lee View Post
I don't subscriber - I'm a Lifer. So I'm not sure how to check this date. All I know is my account says I've subscribed For: 688.19 days. I had the game from Day 1, and purchased my life-time before then, but don't remember exactly when.
Ahh. Well there's been some inconsistency with this last I heard. Some early adopters have gotten it, others haven't, and I can't recall a clear explanation ever having been given.