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12-08-2011, 03:36 PM
Go to ground - then rpg mode - or set keybinds to ground-rpg in options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_ground_rpg.txt

Go to ground - then shooter mode - or set keybinds to ground-shooterin options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_ground_shooter.txt

Go to space or set keybinds to space in options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_space.txt

Now you have 3 files located in your game's install directory (in the Live folder - the other folders are the test installations):

The "Save UI button" in the Interface menu will also create a file:

You can then freely edit them (text editor) and reload them into a running client any time by doing the same as above only typing /bind_load_file instead of /bind_save_file - or for the ui settings, press the button to load in the Interface menu, in game.

Dev Note: I have never had the "Load UI Settings" button correctly import my hotkeys. I only get accurate results using the file /bind methods above.