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12-08-2011, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Zebular
Go to ground - then rpg mode - or set keybinds to ground-rpg in options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_ground_rpg.txt

Go to ground - then shooter mode - or set keybinds to ground-shooterin options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_ground_shooter.txt

Go to space or set keybinds to space in options then type:
/bind_save_file sto_space.txt

Now you have 3 files located in your game's install directory (in the Live folder - the other folders are the test installations):

The "Save UI button" in the Interface menu will also create a file:

You can then freely edit them (text editor) and reload them into a running client any time by doing the same as above only typing /bind_load_file instead of /bind_save_file - or for the ui settings, press the button to load in the Interface menu, in game.

Dev Note: I have never had the "Load UI Settings" button correctly import my hotkeys. I only get accurate results using the file /bind methods above.

BTW You can also add the complete path and save them anywhere on your computer .... You can also edit the keybind file to have one key do more that one thing .... I know all about using keybinds, I was just asking if there could be a way to make an account default so I didn't have to do everything in your post .....