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12-08-2011, 05:34 PM
Wow folks, where did I go wrong?

Ships? You have them allready. How do you get more ship becoming a "full" VA? Did you get more ship at the end of Captain? No, the same ships are available at the end of a rank as was in the begining of a new rank of said same rank.

Folks here it is as simply as can be: Do you want to be a "baby" VA or do you want to be a "mature" VA? This is a linear question , not a vertcal nor horizontal. The time line was and is frozen for Rank Level 51.

This is an informal poll to equivicate the responsibility the programers, development staff and the executives have to fulfilling true content. We have been patient, enduring and understanding thru the "year of hell".
I want your voice to be heared, let it count for what its worth. Keep it Simple and Scincere as to your position on a) Happy as a Baby VA or b) Unhappy as a Baby VA