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12-08-2011, 06:13 PM

I never said it was "OP". I never even complained -- I was just seeking information more or less.

i agree that the BoP definitely needs a new look in light of the proliferation of universal slots -- at one time, the BoP was the only ship to have them...those slots are becoming more common, and likely to be a feature in future new ships.

In terms of this particular ship has the potential to be a top escort -- if not the top escort -- in the game, and the universal slots pretty much have nothing to do with that.

It has more hull than other ships of this size-- and remember, your skill selections ramp this stat up as well.
It has an additional engineer console slot -- which means it can mount some additional resists, or who knows what.
It has an extremely good turn radius...once again, skill optimization will ramp this stat up also.

So...we have an escort that is probably the most survivable small tactical ship in the game. Remember that speed and manueverability count towards defense also.

I don't see many down sides to this thing. I am not sure if I would put in a sci officer or not...the "normal" configuration will be one engineer, one Sci...but with four engineer consoles...I can almost see going without the sci and going with two engineers. If the ensign slot was a sci, I think that is exactly what I would do.