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12-08-2011, 07:05 PM
Short term: add back old stfs so we can play both new and old. My opinion: I like the new style, but I surely miss the fun of playing the old ones. There is also a thread about it.

Mid term: make few save-able configurations for ship layout of boffs, weapons and consoles (or pretty much whatever is on the ships slots) so we can quickly change the ship station assignments for bridge officers, weapons and consoles. That would help tremendously for some pvp configurations, stfs, pve or for whatever we want. It is a pain every time we change assignments we need to re-arrange the abilities. Well, at least people like me that bind those abilities to keys. Not to mention that this takes some time. We could have a combo box from which we select the one we want. I would put this as short term but I think it involves some changes (database and prog) that may be not extremely simple).

Long term: more content, more factions, less bugs. Also, having 2 buckets for skill/spec, one for ground and one for space, IMO would balance the game tremendously. Many ppl complain that pvp-ers are all space or all ground. This way, If you are skilled then you can kick a$$ in both and no more reason to start whining about this.