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12-08-2011, 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
If you're trying to get to Q's Winter Wonderland and would like to avoid ESD, here's a quick workaround:

* Press "J" to open your Mission Overview (or whatever you have it mapped to)
* Click the "Calendar" button at the bottom of the pane.
* Look for Dec 8th, 2011.
* Double-click on that day's event to bring up the event pop-up.
* Click the "Transwarp" button at the bottom of the pane that pops up.
* Wait for loading screen to complete.
* Profit!

I sympathize with folks that have an issue loading ESD, and it's not an issue that's going completely ignored. Until things improve, please remember functions like the Event Calendar that can help you move around in Star Trek Online.
This is the type of Information that should One Day Wind Up in a STOL Game Manual.....