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12-08-2011, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarium View Post
That actually should be changed to players that grinded a lot of marks and badges that they never used. For the real long term players (like you and me) that didn't grind out a lot of marks and badges and used the ones we got to get gear, well, we get nothing.

The holiday gift vouchers were given to those that had to many marks and badges during the conversion to dilithium... as was also the vetern BOff voucher. Sorta feel a bit cheated, how about you?
Sorta agree...while I get the rationale, I've played through two VAs and a near third without really doing a lot of grinding...maybe I got what I got in enjoyment rather than building a huge bank...but I don't know if I'm missing very much at all. Would love to get the new BOFF for the holiday who knows. It does kind of leave a weird taste....just not sure if it's bad or just luke warm.

Love the holiday touches...especially our snowmen