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Ok someone asked me a VA if i usin low level beams. I thought hmm could i have a bad spec on my exploration retro ship. mine has 5x phaser beams all the same type crtdx2, 2x quantum lauchers crtd & a breen transphasic cluster torp. Is there a specific spec to make this work to optimum, other than enengy weapon & projectile spec? Also besides the weapon specialization skill are there any other skills to make this ships weapons perform optimal? Im usin a phaser relay and warhead tac consols. any tips would be well appreciated to make a exploration retro perform nicely,and pack a good punch for this brick. Oh was there a reaward for just level 27 on tribble,where would it be? Also borg tech are rare drops during STFs correct? I mean i knew there from STFs but rare correct?


I saw somethin that looked like a devidian on ESD!,what is that another new boff?