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12-08-2011, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by ainu
You also didn't lose a large portion of your dilithium to the tax AND got a bonus to what was converted.
What bothers me isn't then getting something, it's the devs saying it's for being long term veteran players and calling the BOff a veteran bridge officer. Just call them what they are grind rewards and grind bridge officers. Calling something veteran implies that long term players.. Considering I bought my lifetime within a few days after they became available and been in the game sense day 1, I think I'm entitled to anything given to a veteran player. This is ofcourse not even counting in the 5 copies of the game I bought to call most of the preorder items or the hundreds of RL money I'm spent buying c-points. Where's my reward for that. To penalize a player because they didn't grind and used their marks/badges to get gear like intended is just wrong, and to claim that those that grinded and horded their marks/badges is more of a veteran then someone that's been here sense day one is just BS.