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12-08-2011, 11:58 PM
Once again, from the item description in the C-Store:

"Buy a Winter Package to give to a friend, or open it yourself to get one of the following tradable items:

Unique Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
Faction-appropriate Duty Officer Pack
Holographic Science Bridge Officer
8-hour XP Boost
Gekli Space Pet
Targ Pup Pet (Klingon Empire characters only)
Exocomp Pet (Starfleet characters only
Eisilum Crystal Horta Ally
Polytrinic Acid Horta Ally
Holographic Tribble
1-hour XP Boost
Blue Winter Package with a space or ground weapon and holiday crafting materials"

Now if you don't feel you've enough information there to make an informed decision over buying this thing or not, I'd urge you not to buy it.

As I've stated previoulsy, you will always advertise your top prize in things like these. The odds of winning a prize are roughly about 400%, because (in all the boxes I've opened in winter Wonderland) four items have been "won". The odds of winning the top prize are always going to be significantly less.
thats not what the OP asked for

what he wants is an actual figure saying the odds of actually getting a particular item, which clearly is not there

Just for example, I think any reasonable person would conclude that in a situation like this, if the odds of winning the ship were, for instance 10^-5, then this would be a clear act of unethical and deceptive business practices and I suspect the courts would agree.

My general thoughts are that a similar situation would be something akin to baseball cards, which I do not believe are specifically violating any law by not disclosing the probability of obtaining each card.
funny you mentioned baseball cards....little known fact: there was a lawsuit back in the 80s about that and long story short, if you contact the company that produces the cards (and this applies to all such companies) they are required to disclose the chances of obtaining a particular card. not that many people would know or bother with it but thats not really the point

Cryptic won't share the odds because that would be a huge deterrent in people wasting a lot of money on these things. By law, they don't have to disclose the numbers either
they will if someone makes an issue of it and by law they DO have to disclose the numbers on request. refusal to do so is grounds for a scam complaint against them and legal action to force them to do so, if someone wants to take it that far. in short, if they did bother to do that, the court would require them to divulge and explain the method of determining how the allotment of each item works in order to prove that they had or had not done something illegal or unethical

I spent 2000 C-points and got 2 Jem'Hadar ships, 1 holo tribble,1 Photonic Boff and a pile of weapons, holiday items, and pet boxes. Your mileage may vary..
considering people have bought upwards of 150 packs and not got a single ship I doubt this very much. despite the name, random number generators are consistent. if this was true i'd be seeing some major red flags in the way things are handed out. as a programmer i'm well aware of how a random number generator works and that would have to make me seriously question the validity of the algorithm used to allocate the ships