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Originally Posted by Dondaddyd View Post
Lifers may not lose anything but what concerns me is that they don't gain anything subtantial either. At present there is nothing to demonstrate their value or reward their loyalty for spending such a premium for this game, which has ultimately helped lead it to this financially beneficial point for Cryptic.

It's like thank you and bye bye. You've served your purpose. Its all about Silver members now.

Hell, I'm a subscriber (hereafter Gold member) who always considered going 'Life' and what concerns me is that it appears that there is a diminishing (it should be increasing) amount of incentives to go life.

Moreover, I don't really think there is enough to keep me a Gold member, from dropping down to Silver.

If we take the Champions Online Model, which this is based on, at least in that game Gold members have full access to all the character archetypes and can cutomise character archetypes and the adventure packs (those are like premium missions) while the Comic series are free for all players to play.

Adverture packs, some character types and bank slots are all purchasable through the CO C-store for Silver members but free to subscribers.

If Star Trek truly mirrored tht format - and it works irrespective of whether you like the game or not - then th following would likely happen:

Lastly I know this is largely Fed centric but I'm not a Klingon player.

wow alot of people love to confuse everyone. 1)lifers get to be a borg and other free stuff they get for their dedication with every thing unlimited 2) paid to play pays 15.00 dollars a month and has everything unlimited. 3) free to players this is where everyone is really confusing everyone. free to play has the upper hand out of the game. sure they get stuff limited but is the stuff really that important. game voice and regular chat and foundary missions limited plus fleet creating limited are these things that important to pay 15.00 dollars a month for 4) All the game stuff tier ships extra character bridge officer bank and inventory slots that free to play are lacking can be bought in c store. 5) the stipend for payed players is 15.00 dollars a month and receive 400 points but after paying 5 months they will get 2000 but at a 75.00 sub fee for 5 months free to play no problem no sub just pay 25.00 dollars there is your 2000 points in 1 month not 5 now if the payed player wants more tokens they need to buy them at the c store for more money +their 15.00 dollars. 6) in the end the bottom line free to play silver accounts gets all the game content + all the tier ships on the c store very cheap no sub Free To Play = Win Win