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12-09-2011, 04:57 AM
I think a lot of Ideas here are too story focussed.

That "great new" STFs have no story they are grind. Those Ideas would work for FEs but not STFs.

An option I would like is turning that arround...
I thing we want more STFs.. IF we already have to grind we we should have more variety in the mission to grind through.

So with the promise of regular Featured episodes.... why not establishing story arcs there and making "new" Stfs kind of "The final mission"/confrontation?
That way we would kind of regulary get new STF AND those wouldnt need to establish the story by themselfes.
To make that clear: It wouldnt need a space AND ground part right now, with the current STFs space and ground parts are connectet any more anyway.... so it MAY not be as much work as it sounds like.