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12-09-2011, 05:15 AM
Sad sad to see how I'm looked apon after buying multpiple copies and several versions of the game in advance to collect pre orders (that ended up in the cstore for less then the game i had to buy to get them), started playing headstart weekend, got my lifetime right at the same time. That doesnt make you a vet though? Instead of trying to make that very small % as youve put it happy why havent you looked at the bigger picture of the slightly bigger % this ticks off? I see how apriciative that small % was too, all the griping they didnt get even more. Quite a few spent up marks afraid what the coversion rate would be like. Put the marks to use buying things for friends with families who couldnt put the time in to grind so they could still enjoy the upper end of the game. Some of us use the game and its environments to roleplay in, dont make alot of marks that way. Really narrow thinking there Cryptic, I dont know if i should feel angry, or simply let down in a big way. Well now heres dilithium, ive got it, keep earning more of it, just havent found anything to do with it yet worthwhile. Likely because i spent marks and totally outfitted myself my ship my away team gave gifts to friends and those ive enjoyed playing with etc...

No dilithium doesnt pay for the high end stuff, now whats high end has had a new currency of sorts created for it. So any borg space credit you did have, that might have been good toward the new borg equipment isnt. Now you have to earn something new again. You should have left the bog space currency alone and not mushed it in with dilithium. The more i think about it the more i feel like ive been stolen from. I'm realy discapointed.