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12-09-2011, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Chiselhead View Post
1 Fire the current Dev Staff for thier unparalleled destruction of what a game used to be.

2 Crafting is rediculous with this uneccesary fee of dilithium that should go with the old dev team

3 Skills need to become sensable currently they are not you no longer have enough points to have a proper ship let alone do anything on the ground
I would say fire the management staff, lol, devs are the worker bees, they design what they are told to. I doubt the final decision is devs'. Maybe don't go that far to fire them, but at least re-organize them so that we see a more star trek-like universe, not people doing stf-s dressed in suit and tie and things like that. At least make those a holodeck mission where we can get tommy guns and fight gangsters. lol. Really, you go on esd and see people dressed in all kind of crazy, non-star trek clothings. I understand the nature of the business, to have lots of customizations (many you can buy), but at least filter all those through a star trek net. And all those funny looking signs, Thank God qo'nos looks a little better...

With skills, I tend to agree and as I said on a prior post, I think a fix would be to split the space and ground specs. Because the way it is forces you to either spec like crazy for space if you do pvp space, either ground for pvp ground. Then if you play an stf/fleet action, either ground or space will suck. If you try to have a ballanced toon, then definitely you are at a disadvantage in both pvp space and ground. We'll see, maybe in season 25 (if it gets that far) we will see those changes (that hopefully won't mess up everything else). lol.