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12-09-2011, 08:38 AM
I'm with others in this thread. I'd like my Orions to be able to wear non-spikey boots with their bikinis, especially the TOS long "go-go" and/or "thigh highs" boots. Skirt options and barefootedness would also be welcomed.

Of course, I'm of the camp that thinks if a clothing item is available in-game, my character should be able to put it on. There is plenty of canon showing characters of one race/faction wearing clothing/uniforms of another. Sometimes it was while on a special "under-cover" mission, sometimes while visiting, during "student-exchange"-type senarios, holodecks, alternate realities/timelines, etc. etc. We're all humanoid-shaped lifeforms that should be able to wear any outfit, especially in an age where replicators should be able manage any unusal tailoring to make it fit.

That said, I guess I can understand why there are some faction-specific uniform restrictions. Seeing how this is a game, ok sure - Keep Fed stuff Fed-side, KDF on the KDF-side. But some things should still be losened-up, generic items like boots, gloves, belts, hairstyles -- Accesories. And certain cultural-specifics or off-duty items? Open them up. The Nausicaan armor or Orion bikini/baretop should be wearable by any KDF. God I'd love to have some of those armor blades on my Klingon or Gorn, for example.

Yes, I know there was some technical restrictions, because KDF races were built differently, but with the supposed KDF Relaunch happening in the future, that would be a great time to unify all the race toons to the same technology and open up those wardrobes.