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12-09-2011, 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by Scruffy31 View Post
I have a beam with 2 torps in the front and a beam with a torp and a mine in the back. I figure that the BoPs will do my shield work. I didn't get rid of the fighters either so if BoP's don't work fighters will.
I'm curious to get peoples opinions on these... when I started kitting out my VoQ I kind of defaulted to beams but I've just discovered that I can put turrets in all the weapon slots, front and rear.
I had had (wait for it) 3 RCS consoles plugged in in an effort to make it more maneuverable but now I'm thinking all turrets, with shield and hull consoles in to make it harder to kill with 100% of its weapons on target 100% of the time.
It also feels more "capital ship" like that.

Whats the wisdom from the more experienced VoQ skippers? ...I'm kind of new to them