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12-09-2011, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by captain Brown
Of course you know would not want anyone making new characters to try and get a slight improvement of the odds while you continue this screw over the paying customer routine.
LOL, I know why nobody can get it from the race... If you look at that ship its too big to fit in the holiday box Although I do have a *suggestion* on this ship. I am sure there is data to see who all spent c points or massive amounts of dilithium to obtain this ship. What I would propose is that maybe one of these new social zones or something be put in the cardassian/true way area where espionage missions in that area that require the ship and it be something limited/specific to quell everyones fears of the ship. So those who spent all that money could still get it and if its determined that those of us that didnt put enough into it which I would prolly be part of that group get the ship as espionage reward for that tier. Or something like that, I figured that would be something that could satisfy most everyone. I could be wrong though.