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12-09-2011, 10:15 AM
*this is a rage post so all they dont understand the feelings of the Players they dont get the only item thats worth to spend money in this event or Devs they wanna ban me for a rage post dont read this!*

Yea i learn Today to hate Cryptic.... i realy like the work of Cryptic but now I no longer have the incentive to spend more to them.

16000 c spend to get nothing usefull. i realy think that all Players only flaming but i have better hear to them.
This UltraGodlikerare Jem Ship dont drop on 160 (or more) boxes... SERIOUSELY?
I still play STO but i think the 140 LT + 90 nice stuff + 160 Crap are enouth money for my short time here.
I think the Playerbase sponsored Cryptic now enouth for 2 Years. Many LTs, some shipbuys and Unbelievable many Giftboxes. Some Players spend 300 and dont get the ship.

My wishlist for Chrismas: take all the Giftcrap back from my inventory & Bank , take the Pets, take all the EC (7 mill) and give me the half of my money back. (and no i dont think cryptic make deals with players)

Good Work Cryptic
Enjoy the angry Playerbase !

so now I feel better...

Comon give me all negativ and unhelpfull Comments i need now!
my Farvorites:
"Noone push u to buy it"
"Are u going in a Casino and want the Money back after losing?"
"Buhuu next whining 5 Year old Nerd"