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12-09-2011, 10:28 AM
There simply needs to be a "pool" of DOFFs & BOFFs that haven't yet been put on active duty or on reserve. Call it "applicants" or something.

I'm ABSOLUTELY TIRED of having to NOT COLLECT MISSIONS just because my queue of unused DOFFs or BOFFs is 'full.' Cryptic just needs to get their $h!+ together and get it done. I shouldn't have to not get my experience or other rewards just because there's an ARBITRARY, ARTIFICIAL LIMIT on the number of BOFFs or DOFFs I can have.

Maybe make it a "feature" for subscribers and lifers after F2P goes live in January? "Subscribers": unlimited applicant pool for BOFFs & DOFFs; "Free to Play": limited applicant pool for BOFFs & DOFFs. Of course, I'm a lifer, so I *would* have to suggest that. Better would simply be making it unlimited for everyone, so it's just not a "headache" anymore.

Honestly, what's the difference between having 10 crewmen sitting in "uncollected missions" versus sitting in an "uncollected applicants pool"? Just give us the unlimited pool and let us collect our missions/reward/XP!

Sorry for such a strong feeling on this, but I assume it's shared by some of the other commenters here. It's silly to have to delete DOFFs without knowing what DOFFs will replace them. I'd never do it in a real life 'job,' firing someone before knowing the person I'm replacing them with is qualified to replace them. It's silly to have to flip a coin on who to delete and then HOPE that the person you get to replace them will be even remotely related to the one you just deleted. If there was a pool of "officer candidates" or "applicants," it would no longer be an irritatingly unknown quality. You could simply delete one and add someone from the existing "known" pool.