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12-09-2011, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Maziken
Thanks for reviewing! I will certainly take your suggestions and look at my mission again.

One thing that I wanted to note about the Player Bridge map is that it sounds like it is not working as it did when I tested it in the Foundry. I basically have a holding cell "off-map" that contains the rest of the Romulan enemies along with two squads of Klingon friendlies. The last Romulan is the Klingon p'tahk that you have to kill with a Klingon skin on him. When he spawns, I have two invisible walls spawn so he shouldn't run to try and help his comrades. The walls don't disappear until you approach an invisible marker just in front of him.

So when I tested it in the Foundry, it went as follows:

1. Beam in, immediately get the pop-up OOC window about putting Away Team on passive and switching to melee weapon.
2. Friendly Klingons usually had the remaining Romulan squad killed by the time I read through the dialog at a steady pace and clicked the Continue button.
3. Placed Away Team on Passive and switched to melee weapon (Romulans were always dead by the time I did this).
4. Approached the Klingon p'tahk which lowered the invisible walls and we did battle.

Sounds like it isn't working that way after it was published. I'll have to play through that part now that it is published and see what is going on.
It may be working as you intended but the initial popup dialog with your notes is the part that may be confusing me. The note is really clear but while I'm reading it I can see fighting in the background. So of course I click through the dialog and jump right into the fight. The average player is probably going to do the same and not set their away team to passive. I would suggest making everyone visible as Klingons even the enemy surrounding both with an invisible barrier and then trigger the release when the player crosses a certain point. Then you could change the story a little to be a mutiny by these traitors or something along those lines. That might flow a little better and make it easier on you too since you are limited by the Foundry to creating a team of bad guys vice a single bad guy.

Still it is a fun mission and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks for authoring and keep it up.