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12-09-2011, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by Christopher_Chase
I had intended for it to carry cannons, but I think you might be on to something.
Have the console give a passive to beams, and a click-able that boosts they're output further for a short time.
To compensate for the beam booster, it can't load cannons. Have the beam booster usable on the New Orleans only.
HMM, well there was that line in "Return to Grace" where Worf told Kira which kinds of technology the Federation had shared with the Klingons.
Among items like enhanced torpdo guidance systems was a component called "Enhanced Warpcore Overdrive". Might fit your idea quite well.
An even more simplistic alternative to the bonus to beams in addition to the clicky-ability would of course be to just not allow cannons on the New Orleans and give her a toal of +20 to weapons, but the question is of course whether that would be overpowered or not.

Originally Posted by Christopher_Chase
My other idea was to use the pods as something like the tactical jamming pods used aboard electronic warfare planes. When activated, have give a huge boost to defense to make it hard to hit for a short time. For this one, I'd want cannons usable.
Certainly makes sense.

Another, somewhat odd idea I have regarding the New Orleans and those pods is this:
The New Orleans might be one of the most adaptable ones in Starfleet (and possibly a bit expensive because of that ).
The Nebula has its aft mission module, while the New Orleans has three modules that have an unknown purpose.
Perhaps they have...well their purpose defined by what you put into them:
-put sensors in and you got a military scout
-put in supplies, spare parts and additional generators and you get a long-range patrol craft
-put weapons in and you got a fine warship

maybe some kind of limited universal BO to reflect this adaptability would do this ship some good (as well as the option to chose some cosmetic options for the pods)