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12-09-2011, 12:36 PM
I'm willing to give crypic some benefit of the doubt and suggest that there may be something wrong and this goodie bag system is not working as intended

personally i've spent way more on CP trying to get this then i want to think about and got more then one of everything thats on the offer list including 8 8hr exp boosts thats 6240c points all while trying to get a ship that is at most a possible 2000cp assuming that it the same "worth" as a galaxy x. Thats not even taking into consideration all the other 1 hr xp boosts and duty offer pack I've gotten in pursuit of this ship. This was at a time where i've spen 5000cp (shame on me i know) but from a business stand point that already a loss 1240cp to cryptic in oppertunity cost on the 8hrs xp alone. Not to mension what a bad customer experience and lost of faith in the cryptic store (which wil be the main source of income for the game) On paper i've made more money then i spent and i'm no closer to what i want

Is it just me or does something sound wrong here? We really do need those odds for the ship to find out