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12-09-2011, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by Varlo
If you're expecting to win this Jem Hadar ship with your 400 point stipend, I'd say you're deluding yourself. Look at past history. They don't give anything away for free.

Capitlaism is unethical. Go try to beat Capitalism.
Not meaning to take this off track, but Capitalism can be ethical, if the people are ethical. It takes the other people in the market to keep them that way. Monopolies are by far the least ethical. <Back to convo'> It's unethical to expect that someone can get something (a highly sought after starship) for nothing (stipend C-Store points).......

I spent my C-Store stipend hoping to win the ship, but I knew, odds are, it wasn't going to happen. There are people upset about spending their stipend to not win it, which isnt realistic. Then there are the people who have spent almost 100 dollars trying to get the ship, thats utterly insane!!