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12-09-2011, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
I'm getting really sick of all this pay2win console BS... and I'm probably not the only one.

So I'm here proposing a gentleman's agreement within the greater PvP community. Leave the pay2win consoles in the bank.

How about it folks? Let's take PvP back to ships and tactics, not a contest of which team has the most new OP toys.

If you want a fair fight, let's make it a fair fight.
the game is designed around these consoles with a weak attempt at balncing the heavily nerfed klingons. i am planning on getting everything they come out with i can and making whatever work possible. becus i see alot of feds using the instarunaway console. hell i seen feds using bs special fed ships since nigh day 1. enough is enough. no. holds. barred. man up or ship out swtor is waiting for you and the other weak willed quitters.

no offense, but there are in game methods of attaining cstore points. this game has NOTHING for an economy and NO real difficulty amassing wealth. if you didnt get ~1 million dilithium from the transfer or you dont have 20$ (never bought an expansion pack???) to get what you personally need from the c store then naff off.

With REAL broken standard skills and op sci and healz for months, anything the consoles bring is laughable in comparison.

stay tuned to be graviton generatored, bio neural warhead critted, and subspace jumped on your *** with a cover shield on the outbound. with xyz and everything else in your arse