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12-09-2011, 02:48 PM
I hope Cryptic reads this letter and takes it to heart. Many players (including me) would pay far too much and has gotten nothing of value. I have now spend 18000c Points no ship and too many items they i and noone need like Pets.
"I get i 120c pet for 100c nice" " Oh i get 2nd ...ok" "oh Crap a horta again?"
It is sad that I no longer have a little pleasure now to invest in this game. I like the Game but after spend so many money and get nothing what i need (not only the ship) I think i will siting on my Lifetime and farm some 400c over some month to get c stuff.

If i had i wish free, (no i dont want the ship anymore) i want to give all my Gifts Items back and the 6 mill EC that i make with some items for the half of my money i spend in c points of the event...

I realy hope Cryptic finds a way to settle Down the angry Playerbase