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12-09-2011, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Black75 View Post
hi all, i'm new to sto, just acquired this morning the digital delux download, with the intention to play the 30 free days and than to continue with the next coming free-to-play as silver user.
about this i have a question, sorry if already asked by someone, but 24 3d pages are heavy to read:
- my account will loose all the "deluxe edition features" (tos uniforms, joined trill, khaan emote, klingon blood wine toast, nx registry prefix, automated defense battery) in the transaction to the free-to-play form?
- and my tos classical enterprise unlocked for free?
thanks for your attention
The basic understanding that Cryptic has tried to express is that, with exception to Gold-specific features (of which the items you list are not), then anything you've already unlocked will remain unlocked, even if your account goes Silver.