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12-09-2011, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by sharkball View Post
Can I please get my klingon T3 DoFF? I didn't get it but I think I'm supposed to based on DevBlog 17:

"■One unique purple quality Duty Officer with a unique ability not available anywhere else in the game for completing at least one tier 3 commendation in the Duty Officer system. This is a unique, bound item that can be claimed on every character on the account."
I'd advise you check again. There were some issues with the KDF rewards yesterday, but they were fixed by about 5:30p California time.

Details in this thread starting at post 82, and "finishing" with the fix at 107/108:

In other words, try again to get your KDF rewards (assuming you haven't already). If they still aren't there, I'd submit a bug report in-game and post about it (including the bug tkt #) in that thread (since it has all the Dev attention).

Good luck!