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12-09-2011, 04:30 PM
Skimming through posts about winning a Jem'Haddar attack ship, I've noticed that responses have been overwhelmingly negative. I think alienating the bulk of active STO players for the sole purpose of generating immediate C-Store sales definitely undermines the game long term. Here's a hint: The bulk of the players do not care about getting xp-bonus tokens, tribbles, photonic officers, or anything else that was previously released. Many just want "The Ship." However, using a lottery based system to bait players into trying their luck is nothing short of profiteering at the player's expense.

Given that SW:TOR is just a few days away, I would bet real money that those on the fence regarding STO vs. SW:TOR are getting a very good push from Cryptic to try the latter title despite its pay-to-play model.