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12-09-2011, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Shar487
Skimming through posts about winning a Jem'Haddar attack ship, I've noticed that responses have been overwhelmingly negative. I think alienating the bulk of active STO players for the sole purpose of generating immediate C-Store sales definitely undermines the game long term. Here's a hint: The bulk of the players do not care about getting xp-bonus tokens, tribbles, photonic officers, or anything else that was previously released. Many just want "The Ship." However, using a lottery based system to bait players into trying their luck is nothing short of profiteering at the player's expense.

Given that SW:TOR is just a few days away, I would bet real money that those on the fence regarding STO vs. SW:TOR are getting a very good push from Cryptic to try the latter title despite its pay-to-play model.
Well during the f2p testing Cryptic has already alienatet a good share of the playerbase.
Many familiar faces are gone already seeing the f2p changes on tribble alone.

Did Cryptic care?
Nope. Dillithium has been convertet with the crapy rate, the respec issue is still... an issue and just not been spoken off because of this sh*t coming up... lot of other things remain ignored.

And the lottery based system isnt just here... look at the STFs, the MK XII gear has the same crapy droprate and no other chance of getting it (like... well saving for it like for the other gear).
We... or well some you... probably not me... will see that more often soon.

Cryptic doesnt care about alienating the Fanbase, the opposite they seem hound out of the house on purpose.
And they will for sure not change THAT pollicy.... hell... people did spend multible HUNDRET dollars on that, I thing I read something about 400 $ here, this much money they would not make with a simple C-Store sale.