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12-09-2011, 06:57 PM
I want it because of...

Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
I want it because I am a completionist in this game.
And as such I managed to obtain every single tribble reward without exceptions.

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I collect ships and wish to add it to my stable of ponies.

Also I'm a roleplayer too and that would be a welcome "mercanary" ship^^

Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
- do you think it is the BEST Escort because of the Stats?
No it isn't...
it has only one SCI console, so don't even bother putting SCI BOffs on this Ship (no Photonic Shockwave for you PvPers!)
You can't use Cloak or MVAM with it and it does not have any special abilities of it's own, just the Universal Slots and those only make sense with Engineers because SCI as said before only get's one console slot and it has 2 high rankin TAC BOffs to start with.
That thing turns like a BoP, has more hull then an escort... and its specialisation is open to costumisation. I thing "just one sci console" is a downsight I could life with.
Special abilitys come through C-Store now, and the Fleet escort, wich is still the ship of choice for many, has neither MVA nor Cloak and still holds up. THAT can be put into the EXACT SAME bo layout and will end up simply being better in theorie.
So its IMO definitly not balanced and stronger then the others.

If you still say it's "TEH BEST" for some reason, so what?
Then you are just foolish to try to get it only because of that, it will take 2 weeks or 2 months but it will get NERFED it happens every time even with payed for C-Store Items ....OR Cryptic will throw more Ships on the C-Store that are just as powerful / or even better ...and than you will facepalm and switch for then ext best thing again.
Really? DId I miss the Nova nerf? The Venture nerf? Any nerf? Times of balancing are over.