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Some first impressions I thought might be useful to the devs about my experience with the Doff system after playing it for a few days.

I love it! It is so fun to micro manage the Doffs and it makes the game feel more like Star Trek. My department head Bridge Officers are working now.

The colonial missions with the red warning text saying the assigned Doffs will be removed is a little unclear to new players. I thought it would take whoever I assigned because I didn't know what a colonist was (in terms of the Doff system). I'm still not sure how I have got the colonists I've sent on these assignments.

When purchasing a Doff, the "Trade" category name a little confusing to someone new to the Doff system. At first, I thought I could trade one Doff for another here. "Commerce" might be a more-clear word.

On the Assignment tab when filling Doffs for an assignment, the Traits of the Doffs that have not been assigned to the mission should match the colors of the success-boosting (or detracting) Traits of the Doff slot being filled. This would make it easier to pick the best Doff out from the sometimes imperfect/confusing truncations of the Trait names.

On the Assignment tab when filling Doffs for an assignment, I'm still not sure what the percentage in the upper right of a Doff means. I've read on the boards that it is for better rewards, but a mouse-over callout saying exactly what it is would be helpful.

I am still not clear why sometimes I can have 21-23 Assignments active when the cap is 20.

On the Duty Officer tab of the Duty Officer window, I wish the portraits would always remain and some other way to show the Active Space/Ground assignment and mission timer were introduced. I like the portrait because it helps me remember who the Doff is.

I don't understand the point of the Request Duty Officer tab (other than for buying more Doffs with C-points). Perhaps the ability to hail that Cation (sp?) at the academy would be a useful addition here. Speaking of that, is there a way to hail him? I know he calls you when you level up a Commendation, but I'd like to be able to call him.

On the Overview tab, in the Commendation Advancement area, mouseing-over a commendation icon should provide some thematic info as well as ways to level up the skill. Also, it is not very clear that the icons are dropdown menus.

Bug: After removing a Doff from a mission slot, the boosted Trait colors remain.

Bug: The Department Heads' portraits take a while to load in every time.

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps.