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12-09-2011, 06:31 PM
I got mine, but I saw the gabling cash grab mechanic for what it was at the start and did what I'd normally do if I were walking in to a casino. I set a limit and stuck to it.

In this case my limit was 50 bucks I got it while still having enough to buy the defiant refit too.

Am I happy about the gambling mechcanic? Nope. I almost didn't get anything useful for my 50 dollars since the consolation prizes are all available for ECs.

If they decide to do this kind of event again I would love to see a system where you are assured the ability to buy one specific item from the pool of items after opening a specific amount of bags. FOr example each bag gives you the normal chance plus a 'chit'. Once you get X chits yo can just buy Y item you want with chits. That was you can calculate the WORST case and decide if the item if worth it to you.

I know I have some fleet mates who are likely giving up on the game thanks to this case grab. Sure they had the option of stopping but ultimately cryptic had the option of making an event that didn't have the option of being a big money sink with no reward.

As for me, I probably will cancel my sub for this next month in an effort to recoup some of the money I spent gambling

Long live F2P though. I love my bug ship and the two universal slots will give me a lot of tinkering options for a long time to come