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Originally Posted by Khanheir View Post
On the Assignment tab when filling Doffs for an assignment, the Traits of the Doffs that have not been assigned to the mission should match the colors of the success-boosting (or detracting) Traits of the Doff slot being filled. This would make it easier to pick the best Doff out from the sometimes imperfect/confusing truncations of the Trait names.

I am still not clear why sometimes I can have 21-23 Assignments active when the cap is 20.

I don't understand the point of the Request Duty Officer tab (other than for buying more Doffs with C-points). Perhaps the ability to hail that Cation (sp?) at the academy would be a useful addition here. Speaking of that, is there a way to hail him? I know he calls you when you level up a Commendation, but I'd like to be able to call him.
i can answer these. first one: when you assign an officer on the assignment slot that is filled you should see some of the traits turn green if your officer has it, if its red you have a trait that increases failure/disaster. Also, the rarity of the doff can increase success/critical rates without having necessary traits, so an uncommon or above officer with the good traits is the best to send on a task when you can.

2. sometimes your Doff's get injured on missions. those extra assignments are likely "Sickbay" assignments, those dont count towards your 20 limit.

3. the request duty officer panel will also show any new DOFF's you received in the missions or packs you just opened. letting you tell exactly what you just got.

edit: as for the Department head bug. the Department head system is still a work in progress, so it will likely be fixed when they put out the Department head/first officer system.