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12-09-2011, 09:27 PM
You guys hit the nail on the head.

It's all about profit. They are using this as a means to make people buy CP (Cryptic Points) and blow them on near useless items. Oh sure... you can get free pets and a decent boff, but they KNOW that people want the ship. They know it, and they know people will spend hundreds trying to get it. That's the whole point of a lottery. To get people to spend a lot of money on the CHANCE to win big. They company holding the lottery ALWAYS comes out ahead.

Now, I realize Cryptic has stated they do not intend to place this ship in the store. They want this as a "test" for how this new method for giving out items will work. In my opinion they KNEW how this would work. They knew they'd make a tidy little profit by doing this. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if after the holiday event they put the ship in the c-store, quoting that they're caving to all the players who didn't get the ship from the gift boxes.

They'll try to put a good spin on it, try to make us believe they're caving to us. Try to make all the angry people feel better about them, but they'll still charge 1200+ CP for the ship. That way, not only do they get all the money from the people who spend hundreds on the "lottery", but they also make money off all the "unlucky" people who didn't "win".

The sad things is that it'll work. They'll make more money off this "lottery" and selling of the ship afterwords then they've made from all of us paying subs over the past year. Then they'll use that as an excuse to do something similar every holiday of the year. THIS is what we have to look foreword to in STO. THIS is the way the game will be ran.

Personally, if they put this ship in the c-store for 2000, 3000, or even 4000 cp, I'd probably just cough up and buy it. I will not, however, spend real money on a pot luck chance to maybe get lucky. I'll stick with the ships I already have. Good luck to those of you who do play this "lottery."