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12-09-2011, 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
In the German translation of the Shatner novels, the Romulans have a weapon I never heard of before or since: the "Intervaller", certainly sounds...creative.

And of course there's the infamous translation error from X-Wing vs Tie Fighter:
The Emperor's shuttle is rumored to be equipped with a cloaking device.
Gerüchten zufolge besitzt die Fähre des Imperators eine Toiletteneinrichtung.
The Emperor's shuttle is rumored to be equipped with a toilet facility.

Translator did not know the difference between "cloak" and "cloaca".

I had the German version of that game, a buddy of mine had the English one.
I figured it was a joke when I read the entry in the German game's ship database.
When I looked at entry in his version of the game, I felt my head was about to explode.

You will not stop laughing when you watch TNG Season 1 with the CIC Video Translation Subtitles, not the one used a year later on TV by ZDF or the SAT 1 one.
(can be found on te first german TNG release by CIC Video (VHS) it might be on an alternative Videosharing Plattform)