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12-09-2011, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by PRtrek View Post
Is there enough of a difference between Silver and Gold memberships to make it worth the cost of a monthly subscription?

I have been a loyal monthly subscriber for well over a year and had planned on continuing to pay or even upgrade to a lifetime subscription when the F2P announcement was made. Unfortunately, I feel there is not enough incentive to continue paying to play. I believe the monthly stipend needs to be increased substantially or the monthly fees need to be decreased. I love this game and would like to continue to support it financially but i don't feel there is any substantial reason to do so if I can get the same content for free.

hello to answer your question this is your choice to make free to play or sub. there are a few minor differences between free to play and pay to play. all game content tier ships and all are available to free to play just check out the c store for details. there are limits to the foundry creation of missions,voice in game chat in game and emails in game. free to play also will receive less character,bank inventory and bridge officer slots but these can be bought on c store. free to play does not get a stipend but the bad thing for the stipend is if you want it you need to pay for it by subbing. i think by far going silver in my opinion in my better choice when looking at the stipend you need to pay 15.00 dollars a month to get 400 and in order to get 2000 points = 75.00dollars or 5 months sub which 25.00 = 2000 which a free to play could do to get c points and buy his/her stuff from c store. i hope this helped you i believe this shows the savings free to play vs pay to play