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12-10-2011, 02:42 AM
Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
Holy crap. $500? For a ship?


Well, as long as you don't blame Cryptic in the event you don't get the ship, then I suppose it's your money to use.
This is getting out of hand !

And around the holidays no less !

The damned thing should have been in the C store straight out. It was the ultimate lure to get people to buy these digital scratch tickets. Working as intended ! Is this how we are going to obtain the Enterprise F?

This digital gambling/money grab preys on people's compulsive behaviors. There are kids who play this game for Pete's sake! Is this REALLY where OUR game is going? Internet gambling now too? Where are you going to draw the line?
I'd like to actually know what the odds of getting this ship was. One in WHAT ?

I think It's time to give CBS my thoughts on this matter. Let's see if they approve of the Star Trek scratch ticket.

Cryptic I know you have to make money, and I'll support you financially you as best as I can, when you actually sell me the ship. But I'm through with these grab bags. Loosing is not fun. Restricting new items that some players will NEVER get by ANY means, is not fun.