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12-10-2011, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
With REAL broken standard skills and op sci and healz for months, anything the consoles bring is laughable in comparison.

stay tuned to be graviton generatored, bio neural warhead critted, and subspace jumped on your *** with a cover shield on the outbound. with xyz and everything else in your arse
Coming from a guy who uses scis viral matrix cpb and psw along with poop, whos waiting for a hull to drop to 20% to decloak. At least if u use sh*t, stop talking a do your stuff silently. There is nothing easier then be cloaked and waiting to buffs to wear off. As u felt in a last pug match where i was fighting u, where u have been 4 time one shotted, insta killed, using that preying tactic.