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12-10-2011, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by mrgrim270 View Post
Okay maybe a dumb question to ask but how do you unlock the klingon faction?
IIRC you have to reach LT5 to unlock them then you can start a KDF character. From there you'll be bumped up to level 19 (22 after the tutorial) and start on the excellent KDF story line missions. Still a few gaps in the levelling progression but it's much more interesting than it was before.

If you have any more questions then STOWiki is really helpful, it'll have most of the common questions covered.
Link here;

EDIT: That may actually be out of sate. Let me check the patch notes.

Second Edit;

Just found the patch note, it's level 25 now. From the patch notes;

Originally Posted by Salami_Inferno
Klingon Progression
Klingon Progression is now unlocked when a federation player reaches level 3.
This will be level 25 with this actually goes live to Holodeck.