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12-10-2011, 05:45 PM
(This was my reply in another thread. Just as relevant here, if not more)

People's lack of self control has never (and wont for a long *** time) prevented any company from designing/selling products specifically geared to entice people.

These grab bags are no better/worse at exploiting people's lack of self control then junk/fast food, sugar candy, or the 100s placebos sold and advertised daily... And are only PIXELS instead of products that have potential to damage your health. And wont, someday, cost billions in extra health care every year...

If you want to talk about law and hope to make a real difference, you need to start with something real (NOT PIXELS). I highly doubt any court is going to act against Cryptic while other companies make billions in profit from selling ADDICTIVE products KNOWN to CAUSE CANCER! Other then add a tax, so your government can get in on the fun too.